Will there be a Lucifer season 7? When is it coming out?

Finally, a new season of Lucifer has arrived on Netflix after many months of Lucifans highly anticipating the next chapter of their favorite devilishly handsome character. Lucifer season 6 brought the heat in a big way, making some long for more excitement in Lucifer season 7.

Even though some fans might feel a certain way about the Lucifer season 6 finale, it’s still an incredible way to wrap up a six-season run for a show that, like Manifest, almost didn’t have the opportunity to come to a close on its own terms without Netflix’s intervention.

Without a doubt, no matter how you feel about how season 6 ended, Lucifer was one of the best shows with new seasons in 2021, and the sixth season only solidifies the series’ standing as one of the best Netflix original series of all time. But will there be another season?

Although Netflix reversed its decision to end Lucifer with season 5 in the past, it doesn’t seem likely for lightning to strike twice following the conclusion of Lucifer season 6. So, will Lucifer season 7 happen on Netflix, or is this the end of the road for Deckerstar?

Is there a Lucifer season 7?
Unfortunately, there’s no more Lucifer on the way. Lucifer season 6 was very much crafted to be the final season of the series, and there are no current plans for Lucifer season 7 to happen.

Of course, in this day and age of revivals, we can never say never to something coming to fruition in the future, whether it’s a movie or a graphic novel or any kind of media that has continued the story of a series in the past. However, that’s just not in the cards right now.

There’s no doubt that the popularity of Lucifer won’t die in the absence of new episodes, which will ways make the likelihood of some kind of continuation in the future higher than most. But for now, the season 6 finale is the ending of the series, and we shouldn’t keep our hopes up for more.

Are you happy with how Lucifer ended, or do you want more? How do you feel about season 7 not happening? Would you want Netflix to make Lucifer season 7? Share your thoughts on the ending in the comments!

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