The Surprising Connection Between Harley Quinn And Lucifer Season 6

Ever since it first premiered on FOX in 2016, “Lucifer” has attracted quite the fanbase. The series is based on the DC Vertigo comic, which in turn is a spin-off of Neil Gaiman’s celebrated “The Sandman” and follows Lucifer Morningstar, a fallen angel who ultimately becomes the Devil. After becoming bored of Hell, he leaves the throne of Hell behind and journeys to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub and soon begins to solve mysteries alongside LAPD detective Chloe Decker. Tom Ellis and Lauren German headlined the series, which ran for three seasons on FOX before being cancelled and then eventually rescued by Netflix, where it ran for 3 more seasons before concluding its run in September with its sixth season.

“Lucifer” was a series that was known to take risks, and even in its final season, the creators behind the show definitely loved to experiment, including a musical episode and one with a black and white noir theme. In the third episode of the sixth and final season, the “Lucifer” team teamed up with some of the producers behind another hit show for a very special animated episode.

The animation team behind Harley Quinn assisted in making the animated Lucifer episode happen

When it came to animating the Season 6 episode of “Lucifer” titled “Yabba Dabba Do Me,”  executive producer Joe Henderson knew it would be quite the undertaking, but he found help in the form of Jennifer Coyle, the animation supervisor behind the hit animated series “Harley Quinn.” While Henderson didn’t completely reveal how he got in touch with the “Harley Quinn” team, it doesn’t take much research to realize that both “Lucifer” and “Harley Quinn” are DC properties, which was definitely helpful.

“We got super lucky, because we had this just incredibly lucky window of time where you have these animators who can just bring so much humanity to cartoons.” Henderson told Collider. Making an animated episode not only would fulfill Henderson’s hopes for the show, but also benefitted the team during COVID as it allowed them to have fewer days on set.

Every Batman: The Animated Series Villain Ranked From Worst To Best

In 1992, Batman: The Animated Series hit television screens and changed the Dark Knight forever. With an art deco style heavy on shadows and a storytelling approach that stripped characters down to their essence, it wasn’t just a success—it exerted an influence that’s still being felt today.

But as good as it was for its heroes, the real attraction was the villains, and that’s why we’re sitting down with all 85 episodes of the original Batman: The Animated Series to rank all the bad guys—that’s every single villain—from worst to best.

Dr. Emile Dorian

You may remember Dr. Emile Dorian as the mad scientist who briefly turned Catwoman into an actual cat woman in an effort to get her to mate with his pet tiger-man, Tygrus. Not only is that kind of a bad supervillain plot, but that whole setup means that he’s the third most notable villain in his only appearance. Fourth if you count his gorilla-man pal.

The Drug Lord

“P.O.V.” is one of the show’s few truly bad episodes for a lot of reasons—it’s a riff on Rashomon, but each character’s story actually ends up lining up pretty well—but the worst might be its villain. If the story had involved one of the major Bat-villains, we could’ve at least seen the different ways characters see someone like the Joker. Instead, we just have a gangster so generic that his name is “The Drug Lord” and his only notable feature is that he wears an overcoat.

The Sewer King

Look, we’re not saying we don’t want Batman to punch out an abusive Dickensian crook who uses trained alligators to terrorize children into becoming pickpockets, but come on. That’s the kind of thing that should happen in the opening—this guy manages to stick around for a full 22-minute episode, armed only with a stick, a ruffled collar, and half a pair of eyeglasses.

The Werewolf

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